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Welcome to Cousinsanonymous!

Kicking a long standing habit and, more importantly, maintaining the new, healthier lifestyle is one of the most difficult journeys one can embark on. Whether it is smoking or a weight problem, modifying behaviour that serves to comfort but is detrimental to our health, requires an iron will power and a solid support from family and friends. 

We have a couragous group of cousins who have made a commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle. Their progress will be documented on these pages.

Good luck to all!

Current Participants:

AF - aims to quit smoking
SZ - aims to quit smoking
AA - aims to lose 15 lbs
SB - aims to lose 70 lbs
MM- aims to lose 20 lbs
ML - aims to lose 30 lbs

AB -  aims to get fit
SF -  support